Working it out under pressure

European Parliament - Day 4. The morning briefing: accepting online users registrations for an event due next Monday. I decide to build an interactive minisite with no established dev workflow and with the need for code to be reusable for more of structurally similar minisites. I coordinate the content team while writing a modular HTML/JS layout importing CSS resources from a personal host, injecting JS via a Drupal code field. We made it on time, with a view to start drafting a permanent solution on the next production meeting.

Latest Projects

  • Cookie Toggler: module allowing per-type cookie toggling in Prestashop
  • No Trailing Slash: commercial module refining Prestashop's default routing system
  • Filterify: jQuery/Bootstrap data filtering and instant search
  • Collide: a JS 2D collision system using custom symbols in the input file
  • Py-Games: a collection of classics remixed in Python


Università Di Roma "La Sapienza" · 2010

BA Philosophy, 2:1

Theoretical Philosophy · Art Hermeneutics · Value Theory · Logic · Information Systems

London School of Journalism · 2011

PgDip Journalism

Communication Design · Publishing · Content Marketing · Media Ethics


  • Among the "42 work-life wizards from 12 countries" contributing to How to Create Digital Innovation, a book by S. Dieffenbacher and E. Obogeanu-Hempel (2018).
  • Pre-screened by Stanford University for the LEAD programme (2018) and by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the Sloan fellowship MBA programme (2017).

Work Experience

Reverse Studio
Reverse Studio

Chief Product & Technology Officer June 2018 - current

  • Wrote and evaluated technical and legal (GDPR) specs for small-to-medium LAMP and mobile stack projects.
  • Produced insights on web app components, optimising existing assets and opening perspectives for their marketability.
  • Involved in the organisational development and managed the information and digital assets.
  • Developed the Cookie Toggler module and other Prestashop add-ons.

Full Stack Web Developer November 2016 - May 2018 (1.7 years)

  • Produced insights on visual artifacts and web app components, optimising existing assets and opening perspectives for their marketability.
  • Acted as the time/costs planning and technical reference in small-to-medium LAMP stack projects.
  • Mentored one junior web designer and appropriately sandboxed him across the PRE and PROD environments.
  • Developed custom MVC CMSs with SEO URL support, Symfony-based CMSs, the Filterify jQuery plugin, the Post GMap plugin for Wordpress, Prestashop modules and stand alone add-ons.

HTML CSS Sass Javascript jQuery PHP MySQL Symfony Drupal Prestashop Wordpress GIT Gulp Webpack

European Parliament
European Parliament

Web Product Manager April 2015 - August 2016 (1.5 years)

  • Co-managed a 75k yearly budget: optimised distribution of web editing and web development tasks between internal team and external contractors, saving 88% in monthly costs.
  • Coordinated up to 10 people (colleagues in Communications with IT and Finance departments; stagiaires), setting up concurrent processes with a 5 hrs constraint.
  • Developed the Trendsetter web app, designed multiple UX flows, contributed to the Drupal website codebase, developed MailChimp templates.
  • EN-IT, IT-EN, FR-IT and IT-FR translations for articles and videos.
  • Wrote tweets in IT and EN.
  • Negotiated resold domains.

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery PHP GIT Drupal Illustrator Copywriting

European Central Bank
European Central Bank

Web Product Development Coordinator trainee February 2015 – April 2015 (3 months)

Accessed all functional layers of ECB’s proprietary CMS. Rewrote plugins and co-wrote initial pseudo code to optimise 95% of 100,000 pages efficiently.

  • Inspected "Euro" game’s code and negotiated many zero-cost fixes.

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery GIT Illustrator


Web Product Development Coordinator trainee January 2014 – June 2014 (6 months)

Assisted the resident UX Manager and contributed to intranet strategy liaising with software test engineers.

  • Proposed and crafted a cross-media email layout, reaching mobile internal staff.
  • Created European Commission’s "Universal Message Format" logo, designed icons and 3D planimetries.

HTML CSS Sass Illustrator

European Parliament
European Parliament

Web Product Development Coordinator trainee May 2013 – August 2013 (4 months)

Coordinated internal and external stakeholders, refactored website templates to accommodate multiple content views, wrote user guides.

  • Coordinated the team with external web engineers, redesigning and deploying website.

HTML CSS Copywriting

Regione Emilia Romagna
Regione Emilia-Romagna

Web Product Development Assistant October 2008 - August 2013 (4.9 years)

Web and graphic design for several cultural programmes, coordinating seasonally with 2 external print facilities for technical specs.

  • Designed and set up 3 portals and several one-page websites.
  • Wrote a sample included in the "Culture, Web and Social Network" internal training.

HTML CSS Wordpress Joomla Photoshop Illustrator


Founder, Coordinator Oct 2001 - September 2015 (13.9 years)

Founded magazines, developed websites for EU projects and digital agencies, edited content, pitched in featured stories and reviews.

  • Incubated, managed, edited and wrote for 2 online magazines with a staff of up to 12 each.
  • Managed digital media presence for € 5m blockbuster and hired a digital media assistant.
  • Published one featured story on travel magazine Italy Magazine.

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery Angular PHP Python MySQL Wordpress Illustrator Photoshop Copywriting InDesign



  • Privately tutored web communications professionals on front end web design principles.
  • Reviewed and rebalanced a number of professionals' CVs and advised them on career's decisions.
  • Controlled stream of beneficiaries in food distribution sessions at local charity.